Tuesday, November 24, 2009


From my Sci Fi Book I am writing called The Sagacity Crystals.....XOX.....


When gravity Finally splits and crumbles

And the Earth Falls back into the Stars,

When all our desperate Dreams

Have sunk back down

Into the muck,

And our laughter and pain

Fossilized In ice cold rock,

The moment will come

Deep within

The unimagined

twists and whirls

Of space and time

When we Recrystalize,


by The crawling speed of Light.


I am going to start this Story off with Once Upon a Time, because there are many fairytales in Life as there are Realities.and I have often wondered at the Marvels and Magic that Life has offered us.

Havent You ?

Shall I start with The beginning of Time, or do you Think the Celestial system simply works through us without this premonition of Time ? Oh I forgot to say that right now you are reading these very words in your moment of time, which certainly was Not my moment in time, that I write to you Now.

My query I ask you in this present moment we are having, How are you Feeling ? Are you Happy, well I really do Hope so, Because I want you to Feel my Magic.and I intend on making this experience of reading every word that your eyes lay down on me a virtual and Feliantastic Explosion of Powerful Emotions that set your Soul Free, Free of Hate and of Mysticism,Free of All that is a Selfish and irradical journey, But One with All that you need to Love Unconditionally and Selflessly.,

Even in the Deepest Darkest Caverns of our Minds we Explore ourselves from One that we have been and One that we are in the Process of Becoming, One with what is Sacred and Ultimate, One that is Eternal within the Body. I am your Sacred Temple, I am the Holy Ghost, I am Eve. I am the Divine Feminine that is Life itself.

I am an Aspect of the Sagacity Crystals as my energy porthole confines itself to many Dimensions of the Cosmic mind and the Human mind.

I can be the Magic you have been searching for your whole Life, but never seem to think that Magic really exists, and Fantasies of Creating Magic are a direct link to the Science of Transmutation, never the less Science is only 400 years old, and Prehistoric ages formulate a grounding to Billions of years ago in the Cosmos floating around and finding a Sun of their own to settle and Create and co Create and Create again.

So here we are once again in this moment we are having and I hope you Feel my Heart in your Heart and see that your Soul is the very key to your Heart and that Life is Precious and needs sensitive hands and Minds to be the Guardians of the Cosmos and All that Is.

This is our Ultimate reward in the Divine Plan. One that already exists inside you, I am an Expression of your Divinity. This will be made Crystal Clear from the very begining to very End and once again to the Beginning....

Here we will explore the Mayan jungles and journey to Australia and up earth a complete Giant System of Sagacity Crystals beneath the surface of a cavern underground. Once in the Power of these crystals the Energy grid is awakened every 7 years and the ability to transmute themselves by communication of exceptionally intelligent Forces makes us see what we have achieved and what we can achieve.

By Chantal Gebhardt.....XOX.....

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